Gainesville, FL
Team Montecristo

After 7 hours and 36 minutes of play, Adam Koetje found himself heads up against Bobby Hodson from team Rocky Patel. The chip count was fairly even but after a few hands Adam took a slight lead. That lead was just enough.

Adam sitting on A-J unsuited, made a preflop raise and was called by Bobby. On the flop was Ac, 6d, and 4h. Adam caught his Ace and fired out a bet of 150,000. After considerable time of contemplating his decision, Bobby re-raised with an “all-in”. After an insta-call by Adam, Bobby disappointedly flopped his pocker pair of deuces only to see Adam’s A-J off suit. The aces held through the turn and river. Adam’s WSOP experience began with a bang by quadrupling his chip count his first day. Unfortunately he was eliminated his first day as well. Hopefully Adam will have better luck next time!

2008 Top Finishers



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