Miami, FL
Team Espinosa

The fifth annual Smoke Inn Series of Poker was our most exciting poker tournament to date. With first-time manufacturer sponsors, G.A.R & Trinidad cigars, and a field of 131 players, this years SISOP had its longest duration yet with a total playing time of 9 Hours and 48 minutes.

After a fun filled day of laugher, at times anger, great cigar smoking and many chip exchanges the final table had come with a record three manufacturer’s representatives still in play. At the final table was Bert Gottfried from Oliva Cigars, Alan Kay from Rocky Patel Cigars, and Erik Espinosa from EO Brands/601 Cigars. Michael Fleeman, 2009 SISOP Champ, was also present at the final table with a commanding chip lead. When it came down to the final five, Erik Espinosa, Bert Gottfried, Alan Kay, Michael Fleeman, and long time Smoke Inn Tequesta patron Perry Lap remained at the table.

Short stacked Perry Lap was the first dismissed, soon to be followed by Oliva representative Bert Gottfried. While former champion Michael Fleeman had the chip lead, a few beats and chip exchanges later, Michael found himself in second to Erik Espinosa. With the three remaining players reluctant to go out at this point, there were very few flops seen. Sitting with A5 os, Erik Espinosa pushed Michael Fleeman’s KJ suited and resulted in an “all in” for both players. With a very small chip lead, Erik’s day seemed to be over with a K on the flop. The turn provide no assistance for either player. With Michael Fleeman’s apparent victory in the hand making him an overwhelming chip leader over Alan Kay’s small stack, it seemed inevitable that Michael would be the first ever repeat champion, back to back none the less. All dreams shattered as the treacherous river turned an Ace of spades eliminating Michael from the tournament.

With an overwhelming chip lead, it now seemed Erik Espinosa would claim his first ever (and long sought after) SISOP Championship. Unfortunately for Erik, no one explained this to Alan Kay. With two all in victories, Alan then amassed a stack of chips near that of Erik’s. Once again, a push of Alan’s A5 os to Erik’s pocket 3’s resulted in the determining “all in”; hand of the day. With a flop of 2, 5, 7, it seemed that Erik’s hopes and dreams of a SISOP Championship were fading fast. The turn offered another 2, giving Alan the best hand so far of 5’s and 2’s over Erik’s pocket 3’s and 2’s. The river would prove to be merciless this day with another 3 giving Erik Espinosa a full house, and his first ever SISOP Championship. A big congratulations to Erik Espinosa, who came from behind and beat the last two players on the river. We hope your skill and luck take you far at the 2010 WSOP in Vegas.

2010 Top Finishers



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