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Team Punch

The Sixth Annual Smoke Inn Series of Poker was our most exciting poker tournament to date. With first-time manufacturer sponsors, S.A.G. Quesada Cigars & H. Upmann Sungrown cigars, and a first time ever sold out field of 150 players, this years SISOP had its longest duration yet with a total playing time of 10 Hours and 46 minutes.

After a fun filled day of laugher, at times anger, great cigar smoking and many chip exchanges, we came to our final table.Unlike last year’s SISOP with a record three manufacturer’s representatives still in play, this year’s final table only found was Bert Gottfried from Oliva Cigars as the sole Manufacturer left. Previous SISOP Winners present, 2010 Erik Espinosa from EO Brands/601 Cigars, 2008 Adam Koetje of Team Montecristo, & 2006 John Klar of Team Camacho, all were eliminated pretty early in the tournament this year except for Adam who advance to be eliminated in 18th place.

When it came down to a heads up match, we found Cary Stamp, Team Zino, who had a commanding chip lead for most of the tournament versus Matthew Ridley, Team Punch, who had held his wn for most of the afternoon. Cary had faced elimination at the final table only to catch a diamond on the river to make his flush and secure his survival for a heads up match. After some heads up chip exchanges, the hand came to blows.

Ridley who had out chipped Stamp at this point, called Stamp’s pre flop raise. 9d, 10s, & 4h came on the flop. Ridley who had 9h,5h had caught second top pair and bet into the pot. Stamp, sitting with Ac, Qs, felt like this was a play for the pot and pushed all in. Unfortunately Stamp not only found the remaining cards friutless without an Ace or Queen, but also found runner runner hearts to secure Ridley’s 2011 SISOP Championship with a heart flush. Matthew We hope your skill and luck take you far at the 2011 WSOP in Vegas this July. Best of Luck!


Smoke Inn’s 2011 winner of the Smoke Inn Series of Poker Matt Ridley made a strong run at this year’s main event. His biggest chip stack had him at just under 60,000 in chips at one point, Matt was also five minutes from making it to day 2.

Heading into the final hand of the night Matt found himself in the big blind holding a nine and seven of hearts. Only one other player limped into the hand, so Matt checked his option. The flop turned a four seven nine rainbow giving Matt two pair and what he believed to be a very nice lead. Matt checked into his opponent who raised with a pot size bet. Matt called, the turn was another seven giving Matt a full house. From first position he again checked, only to have his opponent, the chip leader at the table, raise half his stack. Matt feeling he had a winning hand with a made full house pushed all in only to have an instacall from his opponent. They both turned their cards and Matt realized he was ahead as his opponent had a pocket pair of kings. The river card came a king giving Matt’s opponent a better full house and sending him home only seconds away from making it to day two. Over all Matt said it was a great experience and there is no way he would have played that last hand any differently. It was a lot of fun and he would love to do it again despite going home on a very tough beat.

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